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The spectacular international dance final in Zagreb


9 May 2022

The City of Zagreb hosted one of the largest dance competitions in Europe and beyond. Last weekend, from 5 to 8 May, the final of the INTERNATIONAL DANCE OPEN 2022 was held in Zagreb in the Sutinska Vrela hall.


Over seven thousand dancers from 38 countries and over 350 clubs performed for a full four days from morning to night.

For 8 years in a row, Zagreb has hosted such a large dance event under the auspices of the International Dance Open, whose president is Slobodanka Tintor from Zagreb.

The competition was judged by 30 international judges.

The International Dance Open is a dance organization with representatives in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, the USA, Northern Cyprus, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and many other member states.

All of these states have qualifiers for the finals during the year.


The overall victory in the final was taken by:




2nd place Force Slovenia

3rd place Ris Belgrade



1st place Step by step Zagreb

2nd place Ris Belgrade

3rd place Modus Zagreb


Congratulations to all the winners from the bottom of our hearts.


We thank the Zagreb Tourist Board without whom this would not be possible, all dancers, coaches and clubs and other sponsors, said the director and president of the federation Slobodanka Tintor.


We are proud to have hosted so many professional dancers at the International Dance Open and to have pushed the boundaries of professionalism to an even higher level.


We can proudly say that the competition went perfectly, that the dancers (children) are happy and satisfied and that is our goal as an organization because the dancers are the ones who come first.

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