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Remarkable weekend in Zagreb!


21 March 2023

Zagreb Dance Cup, held in KUC Travno on March 18th and 19th, was an electrifying competition that showcased the best dance talent from across the region. The event was sponsored by Bioderma, Offertissima, and EOS Učilište, and brought together dancers of all ages and skill levels.


Dancers competed in a variety of styles, including contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and belly dance. The judges were experts in their respective fields and had the difficult task of evaluating each performance to determine the winners.


The event was marked by an incredible display of talent, with each performance showcasing the creativity and skill of the participants. The energy and excitement in the room were palpable, and the audience was swept away by the passion and dedication of the dancers. 

The organizers worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the event, and their efforts paid off. The competition was a resounding success, and it was clear that everyone involved was deeply committed to the art of dance.

The Zagreb Dance Cup was a powerful reminder of the importance of dance as an art form and a means of expression. It brought together people from all walks of life and demonstrated the power of dance to unite us in a shared passion.

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