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Zagreb Cup 2022 - Trešnja Theater


27 February 2022

On February 26 and 27, the Zagreb Cup 2022 hosted dancers from all over the world in the Trenja theatre. This competition was held to encourage both amateur and professional dancers to compete and show off their skills to the world. We were able to watch virtual and live performances from hip hop to contemporary to ballet.


In the Gala Event, the top 20 choreographies were performed once more. Dorotea Domovic won first place in the solo, duo and trio categories, followed by Dora Sasic and Neza Rojc. In the group category, the first three places and money prizes went to K2K Rijeka, B-residence from Zagreb and USB Porec.


International Dance Open Team is now preparing for the big Finale in Zagreb this May, where we will welcome dancers from all over the world.

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