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Winter Cup Slovakia 2023


24 January 2023

In 2023, the first international sports and dance competition "Winter Cup Slovakia" was held in the sports hall in Šal'a, near Bratislava. The competition featured representatives from five countries: Croatia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary. The competition featured over 300 domestic and international competitors of all ages and styles. 24 domestic and international clubs competed, bringing home more than 110 cups and more than 500 medals with nearly 500 competitive performances.


This competition was co-organized by SK Arkádia Galanta and was covered by IBFF Fit Kids and the International Dance Open Federation.
All of the winners deserve our heartfelt congratulations.


We would like to thank the city of Šal'a for allowing us to hold this two-day event in the sports hall and for assuring us that the city supports sports. It couldn't happen without them. We also want to thank all of the athletes, dancers, coaches, clubs, and other sponsors who helped make this event a success.
The competition was sponsored by the cities of Šal'a and Galanta, as well as SA elektro, Intersolar, Dobré energie, Škoda Auto Slovakia, Digi Slovakia, Yes Elektro s.r.o. Galanta, Šarkány Bistro, Apimed, and Tavos, for which we are grateful.

We are honored to have hosted such outstanding athletes and dancers at the Winter Cup Slovakia IBFF FIT KIDS & International Dance Open, raising the bar even higher. We will undoubtedly hold the competition again next year with a larger number of participants. The international judges, who are experts in their fields, evaluated all of the competition choreographies objectively and were pleased with the quality of the previously presented sets.

The competition went off without a hitch, and the dancers (children) are happy, satisfied, and healthy. This is our organization's goal because we care about competitors and dancers.

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