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The first edition of International Dance Open Dubrovnik


31 October 2022

The first international sports and dance competition, "International Dance Open Dubrovnik," was held in the Gospino Polje Sports Hall in Dubrovnik. The festival featured representatives from ten countries: Croatia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Greece, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, and North Macedonia, as well as 1,500 local and international competitors of all ages and styles. 


This competition was organized in collaboration with 'Plesno rekreacijski studio Dubrovnik.' The City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board supported this event and were the main sponsors.


On the closing day, there was a gala event featuring the best 30 choreographies from the whole dance competition! 

The winners were:

Mini Gala

1st place - Royal - Nikšić

2nd place - 3V - Dubrovnik

3rd place - Art and Style Dance School - Argostoli

Gala - Solo | Duo | Trio

1st place - Lana Picek - Dance Academy - Zagreb

2nd place - Sara Poljanšek - Dance Academy - Zagreb

3rd place - Leda Rubinić - Dance Academy - Zagreb

Gala - Group | Formation | Production

1st place - Step'n'Jazz - Dubrovnik

2nd place - Step'n'Jazz - Dubrovnik

3rd place - Sirena - Split


Congratulations to all the winners from the bottom of our hearts.


We thank the DubrovnikTourist Board and the City of Dubrovnik without whom this would not be possible, all dancers, coaches and clubs and other sponsors, said the director and president of the federation Slobodanka Tintor.


We are proud to have hosted so many professional dancers at the International Dance Open and to have pushed the boundaries of professionalism to an even higher level, said the director of 'Plesno rekreacijski studio Dubrovnik', Paola Šutić.


We can proudly say that the competition went perfectly, that the dancers (children) are happy and satisfied and that is our goal as an organization because the dancers are the ones who come first.


Our sponsors

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City of Dubrovnik

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